Somber Times Call for Somber Tones

April 30th, 2020

Many years ago, I started a company that creates commercials for other companies. These days, our work has changed a bit. Companies are still requesting that commercials be made, but they really only want one type of commercial made. The virus outbreak that has spread all over the world has caused a lot of fear and worry, but companies want to send the message to their customers that they will be fine and that they’re thinking of them, which is why they want us to make somber commercials. My secretary from one of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore has been busy handling all of the requests from companies.

The creation process for these types of commercials is pretty easy, because they’re all basically similar in tone. Normally when we create commercials, we would have to do a lot of intense brainstorming because companies will often want their commercials to have different tones from everyone else. Some want calm tones, while other may want to have something a little sillier. The commercials we create with the somber tones are ones that show understanding, compassion, and care, so we opt for slower music, preferably by a piano.

The companies that request our commercials are quite pleased with the work that we’ve given them. We keep getting more commercial requests every day, especially from major retailers. I think our creative team may be getting a little tired of having to make so many commercials with the same kind of tone, but as long as the companies are paying for them, I don’t think they’ll be to upset about it. It might take a while for the companies to shift back to wanting the old commercials from before the virus outbreak, but they’ll get to that point eventually, especially when it comes time for the holidays.


I Wanted to Scan My Pictures

August 30th, 2015

I have loved taking pictures ever since I was old enough to click a button on my mom’s old camera. Now that everything is digital, I am able to take even more pictures. Before, I had to have them developed, and it could get quite expensive with how often I was snapping shots. I had about 20 medium sized boxes filled with decades of photos, and I decided to look at some scanner software programs to find the one that would be best for me. I wanted to get all of my pictures on my computer before anything happened to them, and also before any of them got even more damaged than what some were already. Continue Reading »


Me and My Pigeon Companion

December 16th, 2019

There is a famous boxer who owns a lot of pigeons. It’s so funny to see him with the pigeons, because he’s always a tough guy when it comes to boxing, but when he’s taking care of the birds, he’s always so gentle and nice around them. Seeing him with those pigeons made me want to own them. I learned some information about pigeons at, such as how to take care of them and what they’re like. I committed to my desires and got a pigeon from the pet store.

My friends asked me why I bought a pigeon from the pet store instead of just getting one of the random ones that would be walking around on the street each day. While a bird on the street is free, and catching one would have probably been easy enough since they walk around humans without flying away, I had no idea what any of those birds had in them. Those were wild birds that could have been harboring any number of parasites or diseases. It’s better to just have a pet that has been vaccinated and well cared for by a professional.

I keep the pigeon in it’s own coop and let it walk around when I take it out. It loves to follow me around and when I pick it up, it makes the cutest sounds. I love petting it’s feathers as it sits in my arms. When I put out food for the pigeon to eat, it goes right for it and doesn’t hesitate to put as much of it in its beak. I wish I could train the pigeon how to fly with notes on its leg and deliver them to people, but I think that would take a lot of skill that I don’t have.


I’d Rather Look at the App

September 29th, 2019

I went to the movies with my friends last week, but the movie we went to see was a really bad one. While watching the previews for the movie, I used a bitcoin trader app to look at the prices for bitcoin. I often do that when I have a free moment in my day. There are a lot of times when I can sneak in a quick peek at the app, including when I have to go to the bathroom. After the previews for the movie were over, the movie started to play.

In only 30 minutes of watching the movie, I was not having a good time. The actors were doing some of the worst acting that I had ever seen. The plot made no sense, and the movie was filmed in such a dark way that I could barely make out what was going on. Continue Reading »


Lightening the Load at Work

June 15th, 2019

I’m glad that my boss hired a company to do Excel VBA automation, because it takes a lot of the work load away from me. I have to do a lot of tasks related to programming at my job because I’m one of the few people at the company who has the knowledge and experience to do these tasks. I have to maintain the company website, maintain the company app, and before the VBA company was hired, I had to write code to work in Excel. This left me working a lot of long hours each day, with overtime. I suggested to my boss that things would go a lot more efficiently if he hired a company that could handle at least one of these tasks, so he selected VBA programming and put me in charge of finding a company to do it. Continue Reading »


A More Positive Outlook at Work

June 13th, 2019

I hated going to work every day, but I have to do it, because I need the money and I can’t get another job at the moment. One of my coworkers always comes to work and enjoys his day, and I could never figure out how he didn’t want to pull his hair out. He seemed to be a pretty positive person and it didn’t seem natural at all, given our stressful work environment. I thought he was taking some kind of drugs. I asked him why he was so positive, and he said that he read Open Mind quotes during the day to keep him in a positive mood.

I thought he was joking, because I just couldn’t see how reading positive quotes would help anyone that much. Continue Reading »


My Daughter Loves to Dance

June 13th, 2019

My little girl has been dancing since she was in the womb. I knew she was going to be active because of how much she was moving and kicking during the last half of my pregnancy. She did not stop when she came out, and it was even more evident when she started to crawl and then walk. I knew that when she got a bit older, I was going to enroll her into a dance school in Toronto because she has just always loved to move her body.

I did not want to be one of those moms who makes all her children’s decisions though. Continue Reading »


Afraid of Never Feeling Home

February 3rd, 2019

We were talking to a few different people at dinner, and my husband and I were talking about the different ways that we could move to another country, but my husband is worried about never finding a place that felt like home. I knew that I wanted to go and spend some time looking at other countries for a while but not forever. We were told to look at Treasure at Tampines condo so that we could go and look at the different things that they offered online before we were going to move to Singapore after my husband’s company finally offered him a position in another country for a while. I was not sure what the country had to offer but all of the condos that we looked at, were really nice. I could not believe where we could live at the price point they were giving us to live in the gorgeous country.

I was hoping that I was going to be able to know a lot about the country, but my friends said that they have very different laws than we did here so I wanted to make sure that I was not moving to a place where I could get in trouble for not doing something that was known to all. I was afraid of offending people, but once I saw that the country was just clean and tried to stay that way, I saw it differently than my friend told me about it. I see it as a way to keep things nice and a way to keep public areas really clean. I wanted to show my husband but he showed me some of the other things that he learned about and it really is so exciting to go and live there for a few years.


Essential Service for the Public

February 3rd, 2019

My grandmother helped me come up with a great business idea. She always wants me to go to the store to get her medication, and I thought that it would be cool if I could do the same thing for other people and they would pay me to do it. It would be even easier with an app to have people place their orders. This is why I went with a mobile app developer in Singapore to make an app just for that purpose. People can use the app to select what kind of medication they need, and where they need it to be picked up, and then all I have to do is drive there and then deliver the medication to them.

All the years of driving to the store for my grandmother gave me plenty of driving experience, so I was well prepared to handle the orders of other people. Naturally, the first person to use the new app was my grandmother, so I delivered her medication before getting on to the other orders. After going through my first day of getting deliveries done, I quickly realized that I needed to hire more people to help me. Luckily I had some friends who were willing to give me a hand with some of the orders.

As word of my business began to spread, I soon had people all over the city placing orders on the app for their medication. I never realized that so many people needed medication, and not all of them were as old as my grandmother. Some of them were simply younger people who had been injured, or had been taking medication for as long as they have been alive. I’m glad to be able to provide a service for these people, as they might not be able to get their medication without me.


I Have Been Looking for a New Job

January 30th, 2019

It is pretty hard to figure out how you get a job in the financial industry and of course that is a lot more problematic in the current conditions. This Brexit nonsense is a complete catastrophe for the industry.I have been looking around for financial services recruitment help here in Bristol, but they seem to be very negative about the current situation. Thousands of these jobs are leaving the country, although a lot of people seem to think that perhaps the entire thing will fall apart in some way. It is really obvious that all of the people who told us how wonderful Brexit would be and how easily it could be done, they were all full of nonsense to put it very nicely. It is a fool that ever believed that this would not be a huge mess and all of the people who were involved in the London financial industry knew fully well that it would be a real disaster for them.

Obviously you are not going to do better in a smaller market than you would in a huge one. That is what seems to be the basic problem for most people with the Brexit debacle. In the past London and the United Kingdom were the places that largely benefited from the huge market in the EU for all sorts of financial services. There were hundreds of thousands of jobs, many of them now on the other side of the English Channel. For me that is a personal tragedy, since I have no interest in going to Belgium or some place like that. I had a really good job and would have been up for a good promotion. It is all gone now, they gave a lot of people the option of moving and some of them took it.


Cute Gifts You May Not Know About

December 25th, 2018

My mom told me that she wanted to find a different kind of gift for my aunt for her birthday. She was telling me that she wanted to find a gift that my aunt may not even know about. I thought that she was going to have a hard time finding some of the unique items that she had on her list. I was not even sure if we were going to be able to find anything that she was looking for. I was told that you can find cute things and Harajuku fever was actually going to be able to provide a place to find a lot of the different types of things that she was looking for. Continue Reading »


Are We Pushing Our Kids Too Far and Too Fast?

April 11th, 2018

Our son brings home a backpack that is heavier than the hawk of mortar I carry as a mason. A mortar hawk is a board you load up with mortar. It has a handle. You hold it in one hand and use it when laying bricks or blocks. That is what I do for a living. I wanted our son to have it easier, and he is already carrying a ton of stuff trying to keep up with his classes. When physics got to be a bit much for him, we got him JC physics tuition to improve his grades.

I started to see the mountain of weight he was under as a school student nowadays. I thought I had it tough in school. My wife and I had him later than most parents start a family. We both were in school at the beginning of computer use in the classroom. Continue Reading »


How We Got Comfortable Having a Security System in Our Newly Constructed Home

March 11th, 2018

We like living where it is warm and sunny. We don’t mind the three months of it being really hot here in Florida as it is so much better than the opposite of where we used to live up north. Back where we used to call home, it was nice summer weather for about three months. Then it was cool or cold. Our new house here in Florida had a brand new home security system from ADT in Miami installed. It worried me for a little bit that a home came with a security system. Up north in the rural area we came from, we did not ever consider getting an alarm system.

The Realtor that sold us the newly constructed house pointed out what a home security system really is and what it provides. She pointed out that the best thing is that the security system acts as a deterrent to anyone who may ever be looking for houses to burglarize. It passively acts to notify criminals that the house is not a soft target. Continue Reading »


Right Time for a Condo

February 12th, 2018

Ever since making a fortune from being an early investor in bitcoin, I’ve been coming up with various ways to put my money to good use. Of course, I have some savings in the bank, some put into stocks, some in accruing investments, and some still in bitcoin. A friend of mine suggested that I look at for a condo that I could live in. I was never the kind of person who wanted to live in a luxurious area. I always thought that whatever living space I had, I would be fine with, but this was before I became rich. Now that I have the money to afford luxurious places, I’ve become more open to them. Continue Reading »


I Needed a Good Company to Handle My Cleaning Needs

February 4th, 2018

For awhile, I dealt with a number of different self-employed people who I paid to do the cleaning in the condo I own. I wasn’t happy with the services they provided. That changed when I found and the employees who the company sends to do the work for me do an excellent job. Prior to finding this company, I had made the mistake of hiring individuals who work on their own and they didn’t put forth a lot of effort. The people at Kleepers are actual employees and they seem to have pride in the work they do and the company they work for.

I started out in the rental business when I bought a condo many years ago. Continue Reading »


Good Way to Learn Physics

February 4th, 2018

Thanks to finding, I was able to increase my knowledge of physics in a way that was fun and easy to do. I didn’t need to learn any of this stuff for classes or to pass exams. Those days are long in the past for me. Why did I need to learn some of these concepts and ideas? Because I retired recently and finally had the time to devote to my favorite hobby: astronomy. I have always been a fan of that field, but never really had the time to devote myself to it fully. Now I can.

There are essentially two types of astronomy buffs. The first involves very little mathematical or physics work. These are people who just like gazing at the planets through a telescope or reading about different astronomical bodies. You don’t need to understand the underpinnings to enjoy this type of astronomy. Continue Reading »


My Knee Feels Much Better

December 29th, 2017

I am only 48 years old, which I do not consider old by any means. I led a pretty active life up until about eight months ago. I woke up one morning with a sore knee. I had been working hard several days prior to this, so I figured I had just overdone it. I gave it a few days, but the pain did not get better. I knew that I had to see someone about it, and I decided that I would try a chiropractor in Bakersfield since a friend who has a bad knee had nothing but good things to say about him.

I had never been to this type of medical professional, but I was eager to get an appointment because I was tired of hurting. I did have to have some X-rays done, and the chiropractor was able to show me what had happened to my knee. I worried that it was going to take surgery to heal itself, but he assured me that surgery would be the very last option that we would visit. Continue Reading »


Laser Tattoo Removal in Singapore

December 27th, 2017

I saw an advertisement on tv the other day for an aesthetic and laser clinic in Singapore. The ad focused on the many different aesthetic services they offer. It caught my attention when they started talking about tattoo removal. You see, when I was much younger I decided it would be fun to get a tattoo and that is exactly what I did. It’s kind of odd because once you get one tattoo you want more which is what happened to me. I now have a total of four tattoos that I’m started to regret getting in the first place.

As I get older, my mind starts wandering about how others will perceive a woman in her 50’s with tattoos. Continue Reading »


Hire an SEO Company in Philippines for Keyword Optimization Services

December 27th, 2017

Keyword optimization services provided by the local SEO Company in Philippines puts your company on the path to success. Creating a great online presence is important in today’s world, and keyword optimization is a part of it all. While some people mistakenly believe they can handle keyword optimization solo, nothing beats the expertise of a professional providing this much-needed service to your company.

What is Keyword Optimization?

Keyword optimization is the process of researching and analyzing keywords to use within your website web pages, social media pages, blog, and elsewhere. With these keywords in place, you can find a high ranking within the search engine results when someone searches for your specific keywords. Continue Reading »


New Luxury Condos in Singapore

December 27th, 2017

I have been asked by my company to help restructure our offices in Singapore. This task is scheduled to take at least six months on site in Singapore. I feel extremely excited and honored to be considered for this undertaking. Of course, I told them I would be more than happy to accept their proposal and will take all steps that are necessary to make sure it is a success. The first thing I need to do is find housing for those six months. I decided to look into purchasing a new Futura condo for our company so that we have luxury accommodations for executives to use when they travel there.

I figured this would be more cost-effective in the long run instead of paying very high prices for luxury hotels. The Futura website has some amazing pictures of these new condos. The condos are centrally located in Singapore and are only a short walk from our offices. Continue Reading »


Getting Gel Nails for the First Time

November 27th, 2017

I called a nail salon that is local to me to find out if they had any specials. When they told me the prices of the different kinds of manicures they do, I told them I would call them back to book an appointment. I needed to do some further research first, and the first thing I did was to find out what a gel manicure in Singapore is. I had no idea what that meant because I thought that most nail salons did acrylic nails. I figured it would be best to find out exactly what it is they offer before I decided on what I wanted to get there.

It did not take me long to find out that a gel manicure if simply a nail procedure that has multiple steps to it. The first is a base coat, and that is followed by whatever color the customer wants. Finally, a top coat is put on. Each step takes several minutes because after the application, it takes between two and four minutes for each coat to cure. Continue Reading »