A Pay Stub Maker Showing Deductions

My neighbor started mowing my lawn last year for 40 dollars a week. That is a great price considering how big my yard is, and I really appreciated the break he was giving me. At the beginning of this season, he told me he would not be able to cut it though because his mower had finally broken down over the winter. I knew that he depended on the money from me and others on the block, so I made a deal with him. First, I went online to look for a paystub maker because I wanted to be sure that I would have the tools I needed to do this.

I then told him that I would buy him the new mower that he needed. It would cost about 300 dollars, but he was just not able to do that upfront on his own. I explained that I would still pay him to do my lawn, but I would also deduct 30 dollars per week for 10 weeks to pay for the mower. That way, he would still have 10 dollars from doing my lawn, and he would also be making at least 100 or so from the other people who hired him every week too.

I wanted to use a pay stub maker for a couple of reasons. First, I knew that he was a kid filled with a lot of pride. He would not want any charity at all, and that is something that I was really able to respect. With the pay stub maker, it would just keep a tally of what was paid and what is still owed. He was so grateful, and I knew that presenting my offer to him this way was the only way he would accept it. I am just glad that I found the pay stub maker so it could make all of this possible.


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