Afraid of Never Feeling Home

We were talking to a few different people at dinner, and my husband and I were talking about the different ways that we could move to another country, but my husband is worried about never finding a place that felt like home. I knew that I wanted to go and spend some time looking at other countries for a while but not forever. We were told to look at Treasure at Tampines condo so that we could go and look at the different things that they offered online before we were going to move to Singapore after my husband’s company finally offered him a position in another country for a while. I was not sure what the country had to offer but all of the condos that we looked at, were really nice. I could not believe where we could live at the price point they were giving us to live in the gorgeous country.

I was hoping that I was going to be able to know a lot about the country, but my friends said that they have very different laws than we did here so I wanted to make sure that I was not moving to a place where I could get in trouble for not doing something that was known to all. I was afraid of offending people, but once I saw that the country was just clean and tried to stay that way, I saw it differently than my friend told me about it. I see it as a way to keep things nice and a way to keep public areas really clean. I wanted to show my husband but he showed me some of the other things that he learned about and it really is so exciting to go and live there for a few years.


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