An Apartment Secured Ahead of Time

The last minute dash for college students to find a place to live is going on, and as I’m watching people panic, I’m glad that I was able to find a good apartment ahead of time. I found my apartment through a website and signed a lease for it during the middle of the summer. I knew that when it came time for school to start, all of the other students who procrastinated would be running around trying to get something, so I did what I could to avoid that. Having lived on campus for a couple of years and in an apartment the previous year, I know how rough things can get when it comes to student housing.

In my first two years, when I tried to make housing arrangements, the housing website was slow for me and would fail to load when I wanted to make a selection. By the time the website worked properly, all of the good selections were gone, leaving me with the choice of a room in one of the older, less appealing dorms. No one wants to live in these dorms because they look so ancient compared to the newer ones, and they aren’t in the most optimal spots on campus.

Granted, living off campus means that all of the on campus spots are farther away, but the apartment is much better than anything the dorms could ever offer. I also have the place all to myself, meaning that I’m not forced to live with any annoying roommates. My sophomore roommate was such a pain that I would stay out of the room as much as possible, only really coming back to go to sleep and bathe. Of the college memories that I would like to forget, all of the ones with him are at the top of the list.


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