Are We Pushing Our Kids Too Far and Too Fast?

Our son brings home a backpack that is heavier than the hawk of mortar I carry as a mason. A mortar hawk is a board you load up with mortar. It has a handle. You hold it in one hand and use it when laying bricks or blocks. That is what I do for a living. I wanted our son to have it easier, and he is already carrying a ton of stuff trying to keep up with his classes. When physics got to be a bit much for him, we got him JC physics tuition to improve his grades.

I started to see the mountain of weight he was under as a school student nowadays. I thought I had it tough in school. My wife and I had him later than most parents start a family. We both were in school at the beginning of computer use in the classroom. The internet was unknown to the masses at the time. It was just an experiment by the United States’ DARPA to spread out data in case of a nuclear attack. Only government and universities used it back then. We were the young adults who grew up with dialup. Now everything is computerized and online including our social lives.

I was actually surprised at how many books our son carried in a backpack as well as needing a laptop and tablet computer for his class work. He was carrying laborer weight every day in school while working his brain to be able to avoid the labor type of job I did as a career. The pressure to learn all of the material was daunting. Physics was his only weak area. The JC physics tuition improved his grades tremendously. I could see the load he was under as a teenager. There is just so much to learn now that we are pushing our kids toward a breaking point.


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