Big Business Pawns and the People’s Will

I love being able to find exactly what I’m looking for thanks to the Internet. It has been a wonderful experience growing up beside the Internet and watching how much information has gradually been collected year after year. I can’t imagine a day going by that I don’t use the Internet to look up at least one thing – whether it’s for all my car rental needs or finding out who That One Guy is that played in That One Movie. You know the one! The Internet is our instant access library of Everything. It’s our human repository.

It upsets me when ISPs want to take advantage of the Internet and our dependency upon it by trying to change how we interact with it. They want to partition it up in chunks that we’ll have to pay for. Imagine having to pay for specialized access to get to your E-mail or streaming services separately like a cable bill. This is what they’re trying to do and this is the freedom that they are trying to take away from American consumers. While AT&T throws a temper tantrum in the process and Comcast with Time Warner attempt to ally to fight the will of the people, it makes you wonder how they’re in business.

The people have spoken. The people don’t want it. The people have fought back every single step away while they simply try to go over our heads and speak with the federal government. This is one of those moments in time where people are realizing the depth of corruption that is inherent within the American government. They are clearly pawns of Big Business. If the federal government does not listen to will of the people in this matter they are only going to prove how little they care.


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