Essential Service for the Public

My grandmother helped me come up with a great business idea. She always wants me to go to the store to get her medication, and I thought that it would be cool if I could do the same thing for other people and they would pay me to do it. It would be even easier with an app to have people place their orders. This is why I went with a mobile app developer in Singapore to make an app just for that purpose. People can use the app to select what kind of medication they need, and where they need it to be picked up, and then all I have to do is drive there and then deliver the medication to them.

All the years of driving to the store for my grandmother gave me plenty of driving experience, so I was well prepared to handle the orders of other people. Naturally, the first person to use the new app was my grandmother, so I delivered her medication before getting on to the other orders. After going through my first day of getting deliveries done, I quickly realized that I needed to hire more people to help me. Luckily I had some friends who were willing to give me a hand with some of the orders.

As word of my business began to spread, I soon had people all over the city placing orders on the app for their medication. I never realized that so many people needed medication, and not all of them were as old as my grandmother. Some of them were simply younger people who had been injured, or had been taking medication for as long as they have been alive. I’m glad to be able to provide a service for these people, as they might not be able to get their medication without me.


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