Getting Back into Driving Was Easier Than I Thought

As someone who had a fear of driving for many years, I simply did not drive, even though I knew how to. I live close enough to my place of employment and many other places I need to go, so I have often used public transportation or rode with my husband. But we had a baby six months ago, and another vehicle is a must. My husband told me to take a look at www, to check pricing and other details so that would move forward with buying something for me.

I explained to my husband that I needed to spend some time driving his car to make sure getting on the road again is something I could handle, especially when I would have a baby in the car with me. So, we got up early in the morning last week when we knew there would be few cars on the road. I was very nervous, but he reminded me that this was important and that I needed to try.

On our test drive, we drove through our very quiet neighborhood, and then he instructed me to drive into the heart of the city where traffic would be much more busy. For the first time in many years, I felt no fear at all. My husband was in the passenger seat and he kept me calm. It was then that I realized that I should have tried this years ago because I no longer felt fear.

With that out of the way, I informed him of the information I had found on the website he had given me. I found a van there that I was very interested in, and it would be perfect for transporting our baby safely. In addition, because it was a van, there would be plenty of room in it for a second child if we decide to go that route in a couple of years.

We drove to the sales lot and took one of the vans for a drive. It really was a beautiful vehicle and driving it was very comfortable. My husband spent some time negotiating with the salesman, and we drove away with a bran new van!


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