Getting Eyebrow Embroidery Done Reminds Me a Little of Permanent Makeup

There are people who get permanent makeup done. Not me! What is fashionable changes too much. I could not imagine having makeup tattooed on me. No one wants to wear the same eyeshadow year round! I did, however, give eyebrow embroidery a try. It can last up to two years or a little longer. However, there are not any major fashion shifts in eyebrows in a two year span. This makes it fashionably safe to get eyebrow embroidery done. I am amazed at how it can make your eyebrows look more full and shapely.

I know you can just draw them on with an eyebrow pencil. However, that technique is very obvious. It is something my grandmother does, and it is not for me. The dyes used in the eyebrow embroidery at the place I go to are organic. I did not experience any pain of having the procedure done. They use a fine blade to put the dye just under your skin, and it looks like real hair when they are done. No drawn on look of an eyebrow pencil. It is kind of like a semi-permanent fix for having thin eyebrows that do not have much dimension or fullness.

If you can stand to get a tattoo, this is a breeze. They even have an anesthetic cream they can put on for those who are super sensitive to such things. The results you can achieve far outweigh any minor discomfort. Plus, you will not have to come back for a touchup until six months later. Then that will probably hold you for the rest of the full two years. By then you may want a different look. You never know what the world of fashion might hold for a couple of years into the future. Maybe having no eyebrows at all will be considered the in look then.


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