Getting Gel Nails for the First Time

I called a nail salon that is local to me to find out if they had any specials. When they told me the prices of the different kinds of manicures they do, I told them I would call them back to book an appointment. I needed to do some further research first, and the first thing I did was to find out what a gel manicure in Singapore is. I had no idea what that meant because I thought that most nail salons did acrylic nails. I figured it would be best to find out exactly what it is they offer before I decided on what I wanted to get there.

It did not take me long to find out that a gel manicure if simply a nail procedure that has multiple steps to it. The first is a base coat, and that is followed by whatever color the customer wants. Finally, a top coat is put on. Each step takes several minutes because after the application, it takes between two and four minutes for each coat to cure. There are small ultraviolet light machines where the hand is slid into it, and it quickens this process over air drying.

It is not in high demand in the area, which is why they were running a deal on it to introduce it to more clients. I thought that it sounded neat, so I called back and requested the gel manicure. I was able to go later that day, and it was actually a fairly fast process, even though so much has to be done for this kind of nail job. When it was done, I was very happy with the final result. I may not get this done every time, but I will definitely have it done again in the future.


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