Getting My Product Idea Made out of Aluminum Extruded Parts

I got an idea for a product. I made a prototype in my garage. I formed it by welding some aluminum together, but in order for it to be profitable in manufacturing, I would have to find the best of the aluminum extrusion manufacturers to make it. The main component of my product was made out of aluminum. I liked the lightweight feel and the bright look of the metal. I could have probably chosen to make it out of a tough polymer, but metal seemed to be a better choice. It did not increase the cost, and consumer value would be higher because it was a metal product and not made of plastic.

Aluminum extrusion manufacturers could turn out a large volume of my product in a very short time. We would assemble them back at a place I leased. I could produce enough for profitable sales with just three of us working five days per week assembling the pieces and shipping the product. If it takes off, then we could easily expand our manufacturing efforts. I did not want to order a huge volume up front of the extruded pieces, but I did not want to fall short of an initial order estimate either. So, I chose to up my instinctual first run from 1000 to 5000 units. That was a lot of individual pieces shipped to us in boxes for us to put together. I was very happy with the test samples, and the production run was even better.

If you are going to have any sort of product or part made from metal or plastic, you want a reliable manufacturer making the parts for you. We picked pretty much the best of the aluminum extrusion manufacturers out there. We got our product shipped to our door right when they said it would arrive. No delays and no problems with the finished pieces that were sent to us. We did not have to waste anything. Well, I accidentally damaged a couple of pieces when assembling them, but that was my fault.


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