Going All out for Valentine’s Day

It is not as though I am in trouble with Annie, but at the same time I do not think a few brownie points would hurt me. Forgetting to get flowers on Valentine’s day is a disaster obviously, but I am going to go in the opposite direction and really do the night right. Of course I am not planning to go broke, so when I think about it I want to make wise decisions. I have been getting cost estimates on renting a limo in Toronto, but that is something which is not so simple. Those guys really want to get you pinned down. They want to know exactly what you want and when you want it. In fact that is going to be a difficulty, since the cost of a limo goes up and down with demand. This is one of the days when the demand is going to peak and the selection is not going to be that great since I have not gotten in line before everyone else.

In fact I do not think a huge stretch limo is a good idea. Really all I want is to have the driver and if I could figure it out I would just hire some guy I could trust to do the job for me. A simple luxury car like a doctor or a lawyer might drive would do just fine for me. After all it is only going to be Annie and me. We are not going out with thirteen other people, which is probably what the largest of these things would be able to hold. They have all sorts of monster vehicles though, including party buses which hold around forty five people. That is far and above what the two of us need and just a silly idea.


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