Good Way to Learn Physics

Thanks to finding, I was able to increase my knowledge of physics in a way that was fun and easy to do. I didn’t need to learn any of this stuff for classes or to pass exams. Those days are long in the past for me. Why did I need to learn some of these concepts and ideas? Because I retired recently and finally had the time to devote to my favorite hobby: astronomy. I have always been a fan of that field, but never really had the time to devote myself to it fully. Now I can.

There are essentially two types of astronomy buffs. The first involves very little mathematical or physics work. These are people who just like gazing at the planets through a telescope or reading about different astronomical bodies. You don’t need to understand the underpinnings to enjoy this type of astronomy. It’s a very basic understanding of the field. The second type likes to calculate the movement of celestial bodies. This type of astronomy means you have to understand certain formulas and how they apply to what you’re seeing and trying to track. It’ s not easy to learn these formulas and concepts on your own.

So I signed up for a few lessons to see if I could pick up the information I needed to track asteroids and, hopefully, discover a few comets. That latter is a really cool thing because they’ll name the comet after you if you are the first person to observe it passing through the solar system. Thanks to the tutoring, I picked up the concepts quite quickly. I now have a much deeper understanding of astronomy because of it. It’s like a light went on in my mind and it’s so much easier to enjoy fully my interesting hobby.


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