How to Grow a Portfolio of Success in Music Production

There are musicians, and there are those who produce the music. You can have all kinds of people in a room that play music, but they are only a band or orchestra when they are playing together. Musicians who record their music need music producers to get the sound right on the records. You do not learn this stuff by accident. You go to a good music production school to learn it. This is where you learn everything from engineering sound to the business side of producing.

So many young adults want to be movie stars, sports stars or musicians. They imagine a grand life being rich and not having to do much to earn it. That is not how it works even for the stars. They work hard. However, they have nothing without the producers out there. Sports stars need coaches and both movie stars and musicians need producers to get their products produced. Music production is a really big deal. In the studio alone there are hundreds and hundreds of buttons and knobs on a single professional sound engineering board.

There is real work in producing music. The late nights in the studio are not partying and laughter. Artists are concentrating on their specialties to produce the next hit recording that will pay their bills. The support staff that makes the stars sound like they do in their recorded music are professional engineers. You need to know things such as the bandwidth response of a particular type of microphone or how to digitally enhance a part of a recording. There is the artistry of music as well as the science and business end of it. Going to a good music school helps you learn what you really need to know to become a professional music producer with a growing portfolio of success.


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