How We Got Comfortable Having a Security System in Our Newly Constructed Home

We like living where it is warm and sunny. We don’t mind the three months of it being really hot here in Florida as it is so much better than the opposite of where we used to live up north. Back where we used to call home, it was nice summer weather for about three months. Then it was cool or cold. Our new house here in Florida had a brand new home security system from ADT in Miami installed. It worried me for a little bit that a home came with a security system. Up north in the rural area we came from, we did not ever consider getting an alarm system.

The Realtor that sold us the newly constructed house pointed out what a home security system really is and what it provides. She pointed out that the best thing is that the security system acts as a deterrent to anyone who may ever be looking for houses to burglarize. It passively acts to notify criminals that the house is not a soft target. Plus, home security systems now have features to let you control lights, locks, HVAC, garage doors and more using an app on a smartphone. In addition, full HD surveillance cameras allow you to see what is going on no matter where you are at. Great for monitoring pool areas, pets, latchkey kids and more.

The home fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection that comes with a modern home security system is monitored around the clock by live agents who can immediately send help. It is so much more to have a security system today than to just be about the burglar alarm aspect. Sure, that is a great thing to have no matter where you live, but the other features are pretty much must-haves for how we live our lives today.


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