I Design Roof Shingles Yet Called for Roof Repair in Bronx NY Just Like Everyone else

Roof shingles are not something that last forever. They are a basically a fibered material impregnated with asphalt with gravel sprinkled on top. The fiber may be fiberglass or even made from fibers of plants. The asphalt soaking that gets into all of the fibers provides the waterproofing. The gravel on top is protective and gives them color. I know all this because I am a chemist who works for a shingle manufacturer, but I have never put a roof on a house. I don’t like heights! When our roof leaked, I called for roof repair in Bronx NY just like everyone else.

It was funny how when the roof repair team came out that I could tell them everything about the design of the shingles they were using. I knew the chemical makeup of the asphalt material in the shingles. I knew how much fine gravel would be lost per year of average weather for each shingle. I even knew the installation tactics that resulted in the best longevity for our new roof. However, I would never climb up there to even replace one shingle myself.

The owner of the company that does roof repair in Bronx NY knew I worked for a shingle manufacturer. He even got me thinking of a couple improvements we could do in packaging of our shingles. I can think about all of that stuff and even have an influence on the final products that come off of the manufacturing floor, but there is no way I am climbing a ladder and walking around on a roof to fix it. Our outdoor lab at work has roofs built on the ground. They only go up about six or so feet off of the ground. I can handle that. I have shingled those roofs and studied them as they weather. I am just not going up any higher than that.


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