I Have Been Looking for a New Job

It is pretty hard to figure out how you get a job in the financial industry and of course that is a lot more problematic in the current conditions. This Brexit nonsense is a complete catastrophe for the industry.I have been looking around for financial services recruitment help here in Bristol, but they seem to be very negative about the current situation. Thousands of these jobs are leaving the country, although a lot of people seem to think that perhaps the entire thing will fall apart in some way. It is really obvious that all of the people who told us how wonderful Brexit would be and how easily it could be done, they were all full of nonsense to put it very nicely. It is a fool that ever believed that this would not be a huge mess and all of the people who were involved in the London financial industry knew fully well that it would be a real disaster for them.

Obviously you are not going to do better in a smaller market than you would in a huge one. That is what seems to be the basic problem for most people with the Brexit debacle. In the past London and the United Kingdom were the places that largely benefited from the huge market in the EU for all sorts of financial services. There were hundreds of thousands of jobs, many of them now on the other side of the English Channel. For me that is a personal tragedy, since I have no interest in going to Belgium or some place like that. I had a really good job and would have been up for a good promotion. It is all gone now, they gave a lot of people the option of moving and some of them took it.


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