I Think My Insurance Company is Going Under

I just got back from the doctor office a couple of hours ago. They gave me a lot of problems about my insurance, apparently the people that my boss uses have a bad reputation in this part of the world. Obviously it is not like I want to pay for things that they are supposed to pay for, but that is sort of the way that it looks. It is pretty disgusting after awhile. Every year for as long as I can recall I never manage to get the insurance company to pay for anything an I pay them a ton of money out of my paycheck every week. That deductible is a couple thousand dollars and it is clear that I am not going to get them to pay even when the bill exceeds it. Any way I have been working really hard on controlling my anger and that was a good thing today.

I spent some time on the phone and like always they make this as frustrating as it can be. The maddening thing is that the whole time I know that it is all a big waste of time. It is only three months into the year and I have not really had any medical expenses, so it is very unlikely that the cost is not going to come all of the way out of my own pocket. Still the doctor’s staff did not want to trust the people who provide our insurance. I told my boss about this stuff and he tried to act as though this were a big surprise to him. It was pretty clear that he was not letting me in on something, but I did some research on the web and I realized that there were pretty widespread problems with the company.


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