I Wanted to Scan My Pictures

I have loved taking pictures ever since I was old enough to click a button on my mom’s old camera. Now that everything is digital, I am able to take even more pictures. Before, I had to have them developed, and it could get quite expensive with how often I was snapping shots. I had about 20 medium sized boxes filled with decades of photos, and I decided to look at some scanner software programs to find the one that would be best for me. I wanted to get all of my pictures on my computer before anything happened to them, and also before any of them got even more damaged than what some were already.

I had never scanned a huge quantity of photographs before, so I knew that I had to find a reliable and quality program since I probably had well over 100,000 photos I wanted to scan. Instead of just choosing the first one that I came across after doing a search, I decided to get the details and further reviews on the top several that came up. I knew that there were all kinds of programs, and I wanted to make sure that the one I chose was not going to be too hard for me to use.

I love taking pictures, but that does not mean that I am technically minded at all, especially when it comes to computers. I needed a scanning software program that is easy to use but has all of the features that I needed. I was able to find that with ScanSpeeder, and the reviews that I read about it convinced me that I could not go wrong with my choice. The nice thing about it is that I was able to try it for free before I purchased it, so it gave me a nice test run for it. I really liked everything about it, and I am looking forward to scanning the rest of my photos in the next few years with it.


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