I’d Rather Look at the App

I went to the movies with my friends last week, but the movie we went to see was a really bad one. While watching the previews for the movie, I used a bitcoin trader app to look at the prices for bitcoin. I often do that when I have a free moment in my day. There are a lot of times when I can sneak in a quick peek at the app, including when I have to go to the bathroom. After the previews for the movie were over, the movie started to play.

In only 30 minutes of watching the movie, I was not having a good time. The actors were doing some of the worst acting that I had ever seen. The plot made no sense, and the movie was filmed in such a dark way that I could barely make out what was going on. I used this moment to take out my phone and look at the app. I dimmed the screen so that no one would know that I was looking at the app except for my friends, who were sitting on both sides of me. They got tired of the movie and started looking at their phones too.

By the time the movie was over, I had made at least 20 trades on the app. I didn’t even bother to get up when the credits started playing and the lights came on, because I was about to make another trade. After the movie, my friends and I talked about how the movie was so bad. Even though we weren’t really looking at it after a certain point, we could still hear the audio, and the dialogue and acting was bad. I think the next time we go to the movies, we’ll look at a review first.


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