Laser Tattoo Removal in Singapore

I saw an advertisement on tv the other day for an aesthetic and laser clinic in Singapore. The ad focused on the many different aesthetic services they offer. It caught my attention when they started talking about tattoo removal. You see, when I was much younger I decided it would be fun to get a tattoo and that is exactly what I did. It’s kind of odd because once you get one tattoo you want more which is what happened to me. I now have a total of four tattoos that I’m started to regret getting in the first place.

As I get older, my mind starts wandering about how others will perceive a woman in her 50’s with tattoos. I also thought about ending up in a nursing home one day and the caretakers laughing at me because the tattoos have taken on a completely different shape because of sagging skin. I know it sounds silly but it is something I think about. So when I saw this ad on tv I decided to give them a call to see what it entails to get a tattoo removed.

They informed me that the effectiveness of the laser removal process depended on what type of ink was used and also the color of the tattoo itself. I was also told that this could require multiple sessions which would most likely require some downtime for me after each session. We went ahead and scheduled a consultation so that the doctor could examine my tattoos and explain the removal process to me in detail. I am very excited and nervous and will go in there with an open mind in hopes that I will be a viable candidate for this procedure. I would like nothing more than to get rid of these tattoos, especially the one with my ex-husband’s name on it.


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