Lightening the Load at Work

I’m glad that my boss hired a company to do Excel VBA automation, because it takes a lot of the work load away from me. I have to do a lot of tasks related to programming at my job because I’m one of the few people at the company who has the knowledge and experience to do these tasks. I have to maintain the company website, maintain the company app, and before the VBA company was hired, I had to write code to work in Excel. This left me working a lot of long hours each day, with overtime. I suggested to my boss that things would go a lot more efficiently if he hired a company that could handle at least one of these tasks, so he selected VBA programming and put me in charge of finding a company to do it.

I searched around to find the best company that would be able to handle the VBA tasks, and found one with a pretty good rating among other companies. I brought them to the attention of my boss, and then contacted them so they could start working on the programming. They were more than willing to help us, and were able to have everything set up in a day.

Since I have more time to work on other things for the company, I’ve been able to successfully make changes to the company website to give it a more modern look, and have started making changes to the app. Once the changes to the app are done, the app will be able to successfully sync with the company website and let users access their data from any platform. This is helpful for people who use more than one device or like to transfer their data between devices without a lot of hassle.


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