Me and My Pigeon Companion

There is a famous boxer who owns a lot of pigeons. It’s so funny to see him with the pigeons, because he’s always a tough guy when it comes to boxing, but when he’s taking care of the birds, he’s always so gentle and nice around them. Seeing him with those pigeons made me want to own them. I learned some information about pigeons at, such as how to take care of them and what they’re like. I committed to my desires and got a pigeon from the pet store.

My friends asked me why I bought a pigeon from the pet store instead of just getting one of the random ones that would be walking around on the street each day. While a bird on the street is free, and catching one would have probably been easy enough since they walk around humans without flying away, I had no idea what any of those birds had in them. Those were wild birds that could have been harboring any number of parasites or diseases. It’s better to just have a pet that has been vaccinated and well cared for by a professional.

I keep the pigeon in it’s own coop and let it walk around when I take it out. It loves to follow me around and when I pick it up, it makes the cutest sounds. I love petting it’s feathers as it sits in my arms. When I put out food for the pigeon to eat, it goes right for it and doesn’t hesitate to put as much of it in its beak. I wish I could train the pigeon how to fly with notes on its leg and deliver them to people, but I think that would take a lot of skill that I don’t have.


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