My Daughter Loves to Dance

My little girl has been dancing since she was in the womb. I knew she was going to be active because of how much she was moving and kicking during the last half of my pregnancy. She did not stop when she came out, and it was even more evident when she started to crawl and then walk. I knew that when she got a bit older, I was going to enroll her into a dance school in Toronto because she has just always loved to move her body.

I did not want to be one of those moms who makes all her children’s decisions though. I waited until she showed an interest in taking dance classes, which was when she turned six years old. Up until then, she was content to just play in the yard or at the park with other kids her age. She went with me to a dance recital for her cousin, and that is what sparked her interest in taking dance classes. I was actually glad that it was not until she was six years old, because I knew that she would need to be disciplined in order to succeed, and she was just too much of a free spirit before that.

I enrolled her into a jazz class first, and she just really took off from there. She was not satisfied with just one style of dance. She mastered the jazz lessons for her age group rather quickly, and she wanted to learn more. They allowed her some liberty, but this is where discipline stepped in. She took to it really well though, and she was able to improve constantly. She has been in dance for nearly three years now, and all she wants to be when she grows up is a dancer now. I know she will do just that too!


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