Painting a House Made My Shoulder and Neck Hurt More Than I Could Take

I told them I could paint the entire house before they moved in just for the cost of the paint. It was a gift for a friend who bought an old house. It needed a few things, and the minor renovations left it in need of a new paint job inside. I paint for a living, but was doing this on my own after work and on my days off. I paint fast, but this extra workload had me visiting a chiropractor in Camas.

The walls are plaster, and they had a bunch of hairline cracks. I fixed all of that and patched up a couple of spots where the electricians and plumbers knocked some plaster loose. It took me a little longer than I thought it would to smooth out the walls, and I was feeling the pain in my shoulder by the time I got the primer coat down. I could not afford to bring in any help. Otherwise, my gift was going to cost more than I could afford. I already had some money tied up in materials such as plaster patch and painter’s tape. I had to work fast as they were moving in on the weekend. By the time I finished, I needed to get to the chiropractor again early the next day.

I was glad it was my day off from my regular job as I would not have been too productive. My shoulder hurt from the overuse. Plus, painting the ceilings left me with that crick in my neck I had a few years ago. At work I usually just paint flat wall surfaces. The adjustments, heat and massage therapy at the chiropractor really helped. I was ready to get back to work on Monday, and my friends had a fresh coat of paint in their new home that made it look so much newer.


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