She Cleaned My House Perfectly

Even though the house I was moving into was clean, I knew that I wanted to have it professionally cleaned. One of the selling points for the rental was that it was move in ready, but when I went to look at it in person I could see that it was done quickly. It looked okay enough, but I wanted it to look great rather than just okay. I went online to find a company that handles move in cleaning for Singapore, and I just hoped that I would be able to find someone to do it the same week.

I didn’t mind if I had to call a few different companies to make this happen because it was still going to be faster than if I had to do it myself. It would have to wait for a day off, and I as hoping to use my days off to get everything moved in and situated. The company that I called first was able to get someone in there no matter what day it was, even the next day. I really appreciate a company that can provide immediate services, so I went with them. It does help that they also had some great prices for this type of work too!

I had a list of things that I wanted done, and I met the cleaning person there. I had to drop a few things off anyway, so it was just as easy to do it before she started. I showed her the different things I needed, and she assured me that it would be done. When I went back the next day to drop off more things, I was amazed at the difference. The house was clean enough before, but it was absolutely perfect now. I know when I have special events going on, they are the company I am calling to help me get ready for them.


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