Somber Times Call for Somber Tones

Many years ago, I started a company that creates commercials for other companies. These days, our work has changed a bit. Companies are still requesting that commercials be made, but they really only want one type of commercial made. The virus outbreak that has spread all over the world has caused a lot of fear and worry, but companies want to send the message to their customers that they will be fine and that they’re thinking of them, which is why they want us to make somber commercials. My secretary from one of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore has been busy handling all of the requests from companies.

The creation process for these types of commercials is pretty easy, because they’re all basically similar in tone. Normally when we create commercials, we would have to do a lot of intense brainstorming because companies will often want their commercials to have different tones from everyone else. Some want calm tones, while other may want to have something a little sillier. The commercials we create with the somber tones are ones that show understanding, compassion, and care, so we opt for slower music, preferably by a piano.

The companies that request our commercials are quite pleased with the work that we’ve given them. We keep getting more commercial requests every day, especially from major retailers. I think our creative team may be getting a little tired of having to make so many commercials with the same kind of tone, but as long as the companies are paying for them, I don’t think they’ll be to upset about it. It might take a while for the companies to shift back to wanting the old commercials from before the virus outbreak, but they’ll get to that point eventually, especially when it comes time for the holidays.


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