Thankful to Have Seen the World

With my childhood summers spent in Singapore, I came to recognize that the world is much larger than most children my age might come to believe. My parents were military parents but with a certain freedom of movement that I have never quite understood. Most military families that I know make their homes on base while my parents instead moved around near constantly. We spent every summer back in Asia and I had my first kids birthday party in Singapore. We didn’t spend a lot of time in the United States but it’s where they both considered ‘home’ to be.

We were everywhere. Germany. Japan. Hawaii for a very brief period. Alaska for a time, too. Mostly we lived like nomads going from base to base where my father seemed to be some sort of instruction. Even now that I’m older he hasn’t taken the time to explain much of what he did while I was growing up. He has always been rather secretive regarding his military career especially since the death of mom. I try to do everything that I can for him but sometimes I just want to know what it was that he was doing.

I don’t hold it against him though. I never went into the military myself so I can’t say what it’s like. I know it was hard on both of them to travel as much as we did but frankly, I’m glad that they were able to give me a chance to see so much of the world starting when I was younger. It has given m ea great deal of insight that I continue to apply to my everyday life. I wouldn’t be the person that I am now without that exposure and I am thankful for it every chance that I can get.


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