You Can Get an IPhone Official Unlock on Your Phone

My aunt gave me her old iPhone when she got a new one. She buys new stuff all the time. Her phone was not even a year old. She is very fashion oriented, and she found out they had an iPhone in a color she liked better. I was really happy when she gave me the old one. She said it was clear to be activated according to her carrier. However, I had to get an iPhone official unlock on it to get it to work on our carrier. We use a different cell phone company than she does. The technology is the same, just a different carrier. Her carrier used to use a lot of CDMA devices, but the iPhone is a GSM phone, so it should work fine on our carrier by only plugging in my SIM card.

I found out that Apple is behind the locking of the phone. They make it so you cannot do anything to use an iPhone on a different carrier for a couple of years. I can see if it was under contract, but it was not. The phone was paid for and it had no money owed on it for anything. It obviously was also not stolen. It sat for a few weeks until I figured how to get an iPhone official unlock done on it. The carrier was not any help in this instance. However, paying a fee to get it unlocked right from the carrier got the job done.

I did not want to jailbreak the phone. I wanted to use it on my new iTunes account I set up. Plus, I did not want it locking back up after the next iOS update. Apple keeps a tight reign on its products. However, there are ways around things if you look.


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